About Us

Infused Tea and Spice Merchant, was conceived to create a source for our customers to purchase handcrafted whole leaf tea and spices at a reasonable price while still caring about the social and ethical conditions involved in growing the products we sell.

At Infused we wanted to share our love of tea while building awareness of all that this unique beverage has to offer. Through centuries tea has been revered not only for its flavor but for its cultural, spiritual and medicinal benefits. We bring those benefits to you and provide a wide spectrum to choose from to please everyone from the novice tea drinker to the tea aficionado. We have chosen some of the finest, fresh hand-picked organic teas from tea plantations around the world as well as using these teas in blends to excite the palate and create the perfect experience.

For centuries, trade routes have been carved and fortunes made - all for the love of spice. Our wide array of organic whole leaf herbs, spices and culinary spice blends are handcrafted from the best sources and are blended to achieve the perfect balance of flavor for the discerning chef.

The last but most important piece of our success is our customers. In this day and age when most of our interactions are done via e-mail, texting and social media we feel that developing a relationship with our customers is our number one priority. We always encourage you to e-mail, text or call and let us know how you feel about our selections we have chosen or if there is something you would like to see on our website.