Tropical Paradise Berry Hibiscus - Organic
Tropical Paradise
Our Price: $7.75
Tropical Paradise is delectable from the moment you inhale the aroma of the tropical fruit clear through your last sip.  This tea is packed with flavor both warm or served over ice. Berry Hibiscus is superb when iced for a summer refresher but holds up well when brewed hot. The combination of currants, pineapple along with red raspberries and hibiscus flowers create a balance of sweet and tart in your cup.
Bancha - Organic Matcha - Premium - Organic
Bancha - Organic
Our Price: $8.25
Bancha is a summertime green tea from Japan noted for its grassy flavor and no smokiness. A brew that is light and a great choice for a traditional green tea. Matcha is a Japanese green tea powder made from the finest shade grown tea leaves. Best known for its healthy superfood qualities. It is extremely high in antioxidants, amino acids and nutrients.
Kukicha - Organic Oliva - Organic
Kukicha - Organic
Our Price: $8.50
Oliva - Organic
Our Price: $7.50
Toasted Kukicha is a particular green specialty tea with a strong, sweet taste. The mild coffee notes reminds a bit of dark chocolate. Although odd in appearance it is an enjoyable experience day and night. These organic olive leaves are delicious on their own or can be blended with your favorite herbs to create your own signature blend