Sweet Jasmine Pearls China Gunpowder - Organic
Sweet Jasmine Pearls
Our Price: $12.75
This tea is one of the prettiest treasures in the world of tea.Each pearl encloses the fine jasmine aroma and only sets it free during the brewing process. The fact that only two leaves and a bud are harvested shows in the elegant "champagne" color.
Our Gunpowder tea has a thick, sweet and floral taste with light characteristics. It is fun to watch the pellets "explode" or unfurl when you add the hot water. This high quality tea is very economical due to the fact that you do not need much to make an outstanding cup of tea and can make multiple infusions.
Tamaryokucha Long Jing
Our Price: $13.50
Long Jing
Our Price: $15.75
This rare organic tea is produced in relatively small amounts which results in its amazing quality. "Tama" means jewel, "Ryoku" means green and "Cha" means tea. The perfect name for this tea. Smooth, nutty flavors are accompanied by spinach like notes with a grassy and fruity scent. Long Jing #43 is a a varietal that the producing at their small family operation . This varietal has very distinctive characteristics as other teas grown in the Laoshan Village in China.
Midsummer Nights Dream Almond Bliss
Midsummer Nights Dream
Our Price: $7.25
Almond Bliss
Our Price: $6.75
This tea is truly a fairy tale by its masterful blending of pure high mountain grown Ceylon with Chinese Sencha.  To add to the surreal experience that this tea exhibits, traditional flowers of these two countries have been added to enhance the tea experience.  Grab a book, sit back, relax and enjoy the tale. Almond Bliss is a combination of Chinese Sencha and Japanese Bancha leaves tossed with orange slices, almonds and red peppercorns for a hint of spice.