Pretty In Pink - Organic Jasmine Passion
Jasmine Passion
Our Price: $8.75
Hand blended Chinese Sencha with Pomegranate, Rosehip and Raspberries. When you open this package the wonderful aroma wafts out and sets your taste buds up for this beautiful blend of black and green tea with notes of jasmine.
Napa - Organic Tamaryokucha
Napa - Organic
Our Price: $9.00
Our Price: $13.50
California fusion at its best with this creative olive leaf tea This rare organic tea is produced in relatively small amounts which results in its amazing quality. "Tama" means jewel, "Ryoku" means green and "Cha" means tea. The perfect name for this tea. Smooth, nutty flavors are accompanied by spinach like notes with a grassy and fruity scent.
Portofino - Organic Genmaicha - Organic
Portofino - Organic
Our Price: $9.00
Genmaicha - Organic
Our Price: $8.00
The aroma of tangerine along with a splash of lime gives this olive leaf tea a playful combination.  Close your eyes and imagine the splendor of this picturesque harbor. "Genmaicha" means natural rice. This handcrafted blend is made from Bancha tea to which roasted or popped rice grains have been added. The mildness of the Bancha complemented by the slightly sweet and nutty caramel notes of the rice. Low in caffeine content, this tea can be consumed all day.