Hojicha - Organic Tropical Paradise
Hojicha - Organic
Our Price: $8.25
Tropical Paradise
Our Price: $7.75
If you are looking for a green tea with a unique and bold flavor - Hojicha is for you! The roasted leaves brew up with a smooth, nutty, toasty cup that is rich in flavor. Tropical Paradise is delectable from the moment you inhale the aroma of the tropical fruit clear through your last sip.  This tea is packed with flavor both warm or served over ice.
Genmaicha - Organic Matcha - Culinary - Organic
Genmaicha - Organic
Our Price: $8.00
"Genmaicha" means natural rice. This handcrafted blend is made from Bancha tea to which roasted or popped rice grains have been added. The mildness of the Bancha complemented by the slightly sweet and nutty caramel notes of the rice. Low in caffeine content, this tea can be consumed all day. Matcha is a green tea powder made from the finest shade grown tea leaves. Best known for its healthy superfood qualities. it is high in antioxidants, amino acids and nutrients.
Sweet Jasmine Pearls Clouds & Mist - Organic
Sweet Jasmine Pearls
Our Price: $12.75
Clouds & Mist - Organic
Our Price: $6.50
This tea is one of the prettiest treasures in the world of tea.Each pearl encloses the fine jasmine aroma and only sets it free during the brewing process. The fact that only two leaves and a bud are harvested shows in the elegant "champagne" color.
Clouds & Mist translates from the tea's Chinese name, Yun Wu. This delicate fragrant tea with slender emerald leaves is complex with flavors of sweet, buttery notes of clover honey and a hint of smoke. Often in the shadows of the more well known Dragonwell, it has earned its reputation as one of the 10 famous teas from China.